The Club

Golf Development Tradition

From the attainment of politial liberation in 1994 the KGC has transformed gradually from being a home of the privileged to a hub for the development of golfing talent from historically marginalized communities. It is one of a handful of golf clubs and courses that are owned and managed by Black South Africans, with the principal mandate being to make golf an inclusive game. As a result of the investment in young talent, a number of our development players are excelling at various national tournaments.

The Course

The King William’s Town Golf course is situated along the N2 highway, close to the eastern entrance into King William’s Town’s urban node. It is situated on approximately 70.5 hectares of gently sloping property and consists of two loops of 9 holes returning to the clubhouse. The actual land used for golf is only about 52hectares, and the remainder is currently unused but earmarked for future development. The course has a charming, classic old course feel, similar to courses such as Glendower, Royal Johannesburg and Kensington, Kimberley and East London.


The property has an east/west orientation and as such most of the holes play up and down the valley in an east/west direction.
In terms of shaping the ball off the tee, on paper the course would appear to favour a player who moves the ball from right to left off the tee (i.e. a player with a draw). There are only 4 dogleg right holes versus 9 dogleg left holes, with the remainder of the holes fairly straight.


The Golf Academy


The course lives up to the values which the Club describes itself by, Classic, Charming and Challenging. At first instance one gets the classic, rustic feel of the field which is surrounded by an abundance of nature’s best features. Once players have played the first nine holes, the charming and challenging feel of the Course becomes more inviting when strokes often require a touch of finesse around the oaky trees of hole 12 and 17.
Aside from the beautiful grounds, KGC boasts a classic clubhouse rich in history that is full of potential and can be transformed into a great venue for weddings, birthday’s, conferencing and many other events at affordable rates.

Private Golf Lessons

For those with a keen interest in the sport of golf, KGC provides private lessons for beginners at an affordable rate by our local professionals who have years of experience and are available for bookings.

Golf Development Program

Under the leadership and guidance of one of our professionals, Mr Ben Jonas, KGC offers a development program for the youth of King William’s Town and surrounding towns to learn and compete competitively in the sport of golf. This program is supported by the Border Golf Union and Mr Jonas provides lessons every Tuesday and Thursday.
The vision for this program is to effectively execute a competition for u/18’s on June 16 (Youth Day) every year.

Caddy Development

KGC offers broad opportunities for caddies in the spirit of boosting skills development and job creation. We make it a point to involve our caddies in the facilities management of the course thus offering them expertise in green keeping and course management. This is an opportunity to encourage a team culture that involves all patrons of KGC to enjoy a certain level of involvement as it is a course for the people.

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